Month: June 2019

Tunisia – the birthplace of the Arab Spring which lost its hope

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Just before he killed himself, Nidhal Gharibi posted a message on Facebook: “It is four o'clock in the afternoon of March 27, 2018. I leave you at the age of 32 years, four months and two weeks… I love you all.”
Gharibi was a Tunisian poet. He was having trouble getting a job and had moved back in with his parents. But more than that he had lost all hope.
It's hard to know the exact reasons why someone takes their own life. Most experts agree that there is usually more than one factor at work. Gharibi's friends say his depression was exacerbated by the political and economic situation in Tunisia.
A BBC News Arabic survey of the Middle East and North Africa indicates that four in 10 Tunisians are depressed. Only Iraqis are more likely to report feeling depressed across the 10 countries, plus the Palestinian territories, that were surveyed.

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A series of mass demonstrations in 2011 lead to th..

Kenya-Sénégal sera sifflé par l’Egyptien Gehad Grisha

Le Caire, 30 juin (APS) – L'arbitre égyptien Gehad Grisha, suspendu en mai dernier pour 6 mois avant d'être gracié par la Confédération africaine de football (CAF), a été désigné pour officier le match Kenya-Sénégal prévu lundi pour le compte de la dernière journée du groupe C de l'édition 2019 de la Coupe d'Afrique des nations (CAN).