Day: July 29, 2019

L’invité du Journal de l’Afrique : Alexis Thambwe Mwamba, nouveau président du Sénat en RD Congo

Nous recevons Alexis Thambwe Mwamba, nouveau président du Sénat en RD Congo. La campagne a été rude dans les rangs du FCC. L'influence de Joseph Kabila est-elle en train de s’essouffler ? Nous lui avons posé la question. Également au sommaire, la nouvelle journée meurtrière au Soudan. Cinq manifestants dont quatre lycéens ont été tués par balles ce lundi à Al-Obeid. Le mouvement de contestation appelle à de nouvelles marches. Enfin, au Nigeria, le procès d'Ibrahim Zakzaky a été ajourné.

Dark web criminal bought ‘quadrillions of Zimbabwe bank notes’

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Zimbabwe's old currency was issued in millions and billions of dollars before being phased out

A drug dealer who used dark web marketplaces to ply his trade apparently used part of the proceeds to buy vast quantities of Zimbabwean cash.
The FBI said Richard Castro, of Florida, had bought the equivalent of “approximately 100 quadrillion [1,000 trillion] Zimbabwe bank notes” in June 2018.
Use of the currency had ended years earlier, following hyperinflation.
The purchase is thought to have been part of a wider money laundering scheme
Castro also bought hundreds of thousands of US dollars worth of vehicles and “luxury automobile [wheel] rims”.

The accused initially made his fortune by illegally dealing opioids, including fentanyl and carfentanil – both of which are stronger than heroin.
These were initially sold via AlphaBay and Dream Market, markets on the Tor network accessed via a special web browser only.
However, after the autho..

Ethiopia ‘breaks’ tree-planting record to tackle climate change

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Some government offices have been shut down to allow civil servants to take part in the campaign

Ethiopia has planted more than 350 million trees in a day, officials say, in what they believe is a world record.
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is leading the project, which aims to counter the effects of deforestation and climate change in the drought-prone country.
Some public offices have been shut down to allow civil servants to take part.
The UN says Ethiopia's forest coverage declined from 35% of total land in the early 20th Century to a little above 4% in the 2000s.

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Mr Abiy launched the tree-planting exercise as part of his Green Legacy Initiative, which is taking place in 1,000 sites across the country.

Officials were assigned to count the seedlings being planted by volunteers, reports BBC's Kalkidan Yibeltal in the capital, A..

Beyoncé champions African music stars with Lion King soundtrack

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Beyoncé calls the project a “love letter to Africa”

Some of Africa's biggest music stars look set for success on a global scale having been handpicked by US singer Beyoncé to appear on her Lion King-inspired album.
While Nigerian stars like Wizkid and Burna Boy have already broken through to the mainstream in the UK and US, their collaboration with the superstar in The Lion King: The Gift is bound to give their careers a bigger boost.
The 14-track companion piece to the Disney film is filled with sounds akin to music currently rocking the continent. Beyoncé, who curated and produced the project, has called it a “love letter to Africa”.
“I wanted to make sure we found the best talent from Africa, and not just use some of the sound or my own interpretation of it,” she told ABC News.
“I wanted it to be authentic to what is beautiful about the music in Africa.”

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