Day: August 11, 2019

The Kenyan dance parties where men are banned

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A team behind a new night in Nairobi argues all-women's dance parties can create safe nightlife spaces for women.
On a warm evening in a suburb of the Kenyan capital, a residential outdoor space has been hired out to be used as a dance floor.
Music is playing loudly and women are dancing.
“You have to be so strict in a place with men. You just want to go out with your friends and men interfere,” says Jane, 26, who's come to the party with her best friend Shani.
“So having a space where it's all women immediately feels safe and you feel you are with people who understand you.”

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Kenyan women complain of unwanted male attention in clubs

Security is tight and while a few men are let in, it is only to drop off the women they are accompanying.
After that, the men all have to leave immediately.
And it's not just the partygoers who adhere to the single-sex policy: the bar tenders, security officers, DJ..

Tanzania tanker explosion victims buried in mass funeral

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The funeral took place after hundreds turned up to identify their relatives' remains

Tanzania has held a mass funeral for people who died when an overturned fuel tanker exploded on Saturday.
Officials have said people were trying to siphon fuel from the vehicle on a main road in the Morogoro region when it exploded, killing 71.
Ahead of the funeral, hundreds of relatives visited the hospital to try to identify their dead family members, but many were burnt beyond recognition.
As a result, officials have promised to do DNA tests.
This is the latest in a series of similar disasters across Africa, and Tanzania's President John Magufuli has pleaded people to stop risking their lives by siphoning fuel from broken-down tankers.

“There are vehicles that carry dangerous fuel oil, as in this case in Morogoro, there are others that carry toxic chemicals or explosives, let's stop this practice, please,” AFP news agency quotes him as saying on Saturday.
Mr Magufu..

Thiès : un imam appelle les pouvoirs publics à lutter contre les maux de la société

L'imam Babacar Ngom a invité dimanche, lors de la prière de la Tabaski célébrée à Thiès par une partie de la communauté musulmane, les pouvoirs publics à prendre des mesures contre les nombreux maux qui gangrènent la société et dont les conséquences touchent aussi bien les individus que la société toute entière.
Une partie de la communauté musulmane a fêté la Tabaski dimanche en même temps que plusieurs pays de la sous-région et du monde musulman, avant la grande majorité des musulmans sénégalais qui la célèbre lundi.
L'imam Ngom qui dirigeait la prière de la plus grande fête musulmane, au terrain Tound-wi de la cité Ousmane Ngom, a listé les nombreux maux liés tous aux péchés et qui ont pour noms injustice, meurtres, agressions, vols, homosexualité, adultère, etc.
Tout en déplorant une banalisation des péchés comme l'idolâtrie, et la sorcellerie, qui fait l'objet d'une publicité à travers les médias, il a relevé qu'ils ont pour conséquences, entre autr..