Day: August 12, 2019

Zimbabwe after Mugabe: The country where pensions have disappeared

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Vesta says it saddens her to see husband Teddie sitting in the same place “from morning to night”

Retired couple Teddie and Vesta always imagined they would live out their golden years with dignity.
He is 85, and served one company for 46 years as a cleaner, eventually rising to become a receptionist. Vesta says that rising inflation has robbed them both of a comfortable retirement.
A year ago Teddie's monthly pension was worth $80 (£66), it's now worth $10.
“I am saddened when I see my beloved sitting in that corner from morning to night,” Vesta tells the BBC.
“I would love to give him a banana, an orange or a cool drink. But we can't afford it. A banana costs $0.40.”

The signs of a failing economy are everywhere. Supermarket trolleys are hardly ever full these days and shoppers linger, contemplating their purchases.
The prices of basics like sugar and cooking oil have jumped by 200% in June, according to official statistics. So has healthcare.

Ibraheem Zakzaky: Nigerian IMN leader flown to India for treatment

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Protesters hold placard and shout slogans demand to release the Nigerian Ibrahim Zakzaky

The imprisoned leader of a banned Shia Muslim group in Nigeria has been flown to India for medical treatment.
A court recently granted him medical leave after nearly four years in custody during a lengthy legal process.
In a statement, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) said Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife had left for Delhi, accompanied by a government security escort to ensure their return.
The group says he has suffered two minor strokes and is losing his sight.
Sheikh Zakzaky, 66, has been charged with culpable homicide and other offences, all of which he denies.

The couple are expected to stand trial after the treatment is completed.
The pro-Iranian IMN has accused the Nigerian authorities of inflicting “brutal wounds” on the Sheikh and his wife while in detention, and his supporters have protested for months calling for his release.

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Mort de DJ Arafat : “Il a offert de la joie à bien des peuples à travers le monde”

Le Journal de l'Afrique consacre une édition spéciale au chanteur ivoirien DJ Arafat, mort lundi après un accident de la route à Abidjan. Le producteur de “Couleurs tropicales”, Claudy Siar, revient sur la carrière et la personnalité de la star du coupé-décalé, idole d'une génération d'Ivoiriens, qui lui ont rendu un vibrant hommage dans les rues d'Abidjan. Des amis de DJ Arafat, de son vrai nom Ange Didier Houon, témoignent aussi au micro de France 24.