Day: August 18, 2019

Zimbabwe sanctions: Sadc calls on US and EU to drop policy

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Zimbabwe has been reeling with high inflation and shortage of basic supplies including bread and fuel

A group of 16 African countries has called on the US and EU to “immediately lift” political and economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.
The policy was hurting the region, said Tanzania President John Magufuli, who is also the chairman of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc).
The sanctions were imposed in 2002 when Robert Mugabe was president.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa blames them for crippling development in the country.
He says removing them would attract Western investors to Zimbabwe after close to two decades of economic isolation.

Zimbabwe is reeling from high inflation and shortages of basic supplies such as fuel, power and water.
Inflation is currently at a 10-year high, shrinking salaries and pensions, while the price of bread has increased five-fold since April. About five million Zimbabweans are currently in need of ..

Thiès : des musulmans ont prié pour la pluie

Thiès, 18 août (APS) – Des musulmans se sont donné rendez-vous, dimanche, au terrain Tound-wi de la Cité Ousmane Ngom de Thiès, où ils ont accompli la prière pour la pluie, pour implorer Dieu de faire descendre de l'eau du ciel, après une longue pause pluviométrique qui plonge le monde rural dans le désarroi, a constaté l'APS.