Day: August 30, 2019

Ezekiel Mutua: The man who polices Kenyan pop music

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Ezekiel Mutua has been dubbed Kenya's “moral policeman”

Kenya's “moral policeman” Ezekiel Mutua is at the centre of a new storm after banning two popular songs, but the ex-journalist relishes his role, writes the BBC's Ashley Lime from Nairobi.
When I met Mr Mutua the first things I noticed were his pencil-thin moustache and friendly smile.
The chief executive of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) warmly welcomed me into his office, but his charm belies his reputation as a stern “moral policeman” who censors films, songs, and television adverts which feature sexualised content and same-sex relationships.
A song with references to oral sex, adverts for a “sex party” and a film featuring a lesbian couple have all felt the force of Mr Mutua's action.
But the former journalist, who is a devout Christian, objects to being called a censor.

“Censorship connotes some dictatorial and colonial tendencies,” Mr Mutua says.
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L’introduction du bracelet électronique pour décongestionner les prisons (ministre)

Dakar, 30 août (APS) – Le ministère de la Justice est en train de travailler sur “la possibilité” d'introduire des bracelets électroniques dans le système judiciaire sénégalais pour décongestionner les prisons, a annoncé vendredi, le garde des Sceaux, Me Malick Sall, soulignant toutefois que cette réforme devrait d'abord passer à l'Assemblée nationale.