Day: September 8, 2019

Defeat malaria in a generation – here’s how

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The world could be free of malaria – one of the oldest and deadliest diseases to affect humanity – within a generation, a major report says.
Each year there are still more than 200 million cases of the disease, which mostly kills young children.
The report says eradicating malaria is no longer a distant dream, but wiping out the parasite will probably need an extra $2bn (£1.6bn) of annual funding.
Experts say eradication is a “goal of epic proportions”.
What is malaria?Malaria is a disease caused by Plasmodium parasites.

These are spread from person to person by the bite of female mosquitoes in search of a blood meal.
Once infected, people become very sick with a severe fever and shaking chills.

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The malaria parasites are spread by mosquiotes

The parasites infect cells in the liver and red blood cells, and other symptoms include anaemia.
Eventually the disease takes a toll on the whole body, including ..

Letter from Africa: ‘I gave up on catching the train in Ethiopia’

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In our series of letters from African journalists, Ismail Einashe writes about his failed attempt to catch a train in Ethiopia despite the hype around a new Chinese-built railway.
In Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, it is hard to miss the large advertising boards along the traffic-clogged streets that promise “new railway, new life”.
The signs are for the $4.5bn (£3.6bn) Chinese-built Addis-Djibouti standard gauge railway (SGR) connecting landlocked Ethiopia's 100 million people with tiny Djibouti on the Red Sea.
The 750km (465 mile) railway line began operations in January 2018 and is Africa's first electrified cross-border railway.
Trains hit camelsFor Ethiopia this is more than just a railway project, it is the crown jewel in the development ambitions of Africa's fastest-growing economy, which aspires to reach middle-income status by the mid-2020s.

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China has become a major investor in Et..

Les souvenirs d’un enseignant “naré-naré” racontés dans un ouvrage autobiographique

Louga, 8 sept (APS) – Samba Diama Top, professeur d'espagnol au lycée de Kébémer, dans la région de Louga, vient de sortir un livre autobiographique dans lequel il revient sur son parcours depuis son enfance au sein d'une famille endogame qui s'est de plus en plus ouverte pour compter des membres à travers tout le Sénégal et même dans la diaspora.


La pièce “A l’époque”, un hommage aux tirailleurs sénégalais

Dakar, 8 sept (APS) – La pièce de théâtre “A l'époque”, interprétée par le comédien sénégalais Khadim Sène alias “Billy”, raconte les faits d'armes d'un héros de la Guerre mondiale revenu au bercail, une manière pour cet artiste de rendre hommage aux soldats français originaires des colonies d'Afrique et d'inviter à un retour sur les planches pour faire revivre le théâtre.