Day: January 13, 2020

Sommet du G5 Sahel à Pau : Macron annonce l’envoi de 220 soldats supplémentaires

Au sommaire du Journal de l'Afrique ce lundi, Emmanuel Macron annonce l'envoi de 220 soldats supplémentaires au Sahel lors du sommet de Pau sur la sécurité dans la région. En Libye, le cessez-le-feu n'a pas encore lieu : les deux chefs rivaux sont à Moscou pour des pourparlers mais le maréchal Haftar demande du “temps”. Enfin en Guinée, deux personnes sont mortes à Conakry lors d'une nouvelle mobilisation anti-Alpha Condé.

France summit: Macron and Sahel partners step up jihadist fight

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A French soldier clears mines in Burkina Faso

France and nations from Africa's Sahel region have agreed to step up military co-operation to fight the jihadist insurgency there.
Forces will be placed under one umbrella and efforts focused on tackling the Islamic State group, they said after a summit in Pau in France.
They also urged the US to maintain its support amid reports it might lessen its military presence in Africa.
Jihadist attacks on civilians and troops have been on the increase.
This is despite the presence of thousands of troops from both the countries affected and France.

Sahel crisis in danger of slipping out of controlLast year saw the highest annual death toll due to armed conflict in the region since 2012.
Who was meeting in Pau and what was agreed?Six leaders met in the south-western French city, French President Emmanuel Macron hosting heads of Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mauritania, the G5 group.
The nations ag..

Du soleil et de la poussière, mardi (ANACIM)

Dakar, 13 janv (APS) – Le temps sera ensoleillé sur une bonne partie du pays dans la journée de mardi, indique l'Agence nationale de l'aviation civile et de météorologie (ANACIM), faisant également état d'un temps poussiéreux sur les régions du Nord, du Centre et de l'Est du territoire.


‘Locust swarm’ forces Ethiopian Airlines plane to divert

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East Africa has been hit by its worst locust invasion in 25 years

A swarm of what appeared to be locusts forced a passenger plane off its course in Ethiopia, the flight operator says.
Pilots were preparing to land the Ethiopian Airlines flight from Djibouti to Dire Dawa on Thursday when clouds of insects slammed into the plane's engines, windshield and nose.
They tried in vain to clean the windscreen with the plane's wipers.
Thirty minutes later the plane landed safely but in the capital Addis Ababa instead, according to reports.
East Africa has been hit by its worst locust invasion for 25 years, which has devastated crops across the region.

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Mauritania tests drones for desert locust combat
Swarms can vary from less than 1 sq km (0.38 square miles) to several hundred. Each square kilometre can contain at least 40 million insects, according to the ..